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The Magnetic Building Blocks Competition is designed to encourage children to build and showcase their models. All you need are pictures of constructed models and a short description (optional).

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Rules & PrizesĀ 

Our Magnetic Building Block Competition is designed to Showcase Models constructed by children using our products or Products for other suppliers. It is meant to encourage children to be creative in building new shapes for a chance to win amazing prizes. As a seller of Education Products, we are dedicated to helping children improve and the Magnetic Building Block Competition serves as a form of encouragement.

This is a customer only competition, and although a review is not paramount for entry, it helps identify eligible entrants and also informs potential buyers of our products.

The winner will be selected by way of voting. Entrants will be informed when voting begins. The Picture with the most votes will win the competition. Entrants will not be allowed to vote on their own models. If entrants do not vote, then TechMagnet will select the best model and award the price to the winner.

What you need:

- First Name: Please use Alias ONLY: Do Not enter your real name.

  • Amazon Order ID: this is required to identify our customers.

  • Email address: required to contact winners at the end of the competition.

  • Pictures of constructed models (you can include a picture of product package to help identify our customers)

  • Description (optional)


Prizes to be won will include but not limited to the following:

  • Toys

  • Tech products

  • Collection of different products etc


Winners will be notified by email. Winners will be required to reply and confirm their winning within 48 hours of the announcement. If not, a new winner will be selected. Occasionally, we may also select a model to win a second place prize.

The winner's Alias will be displayed on the winning page.

Prices will be shipped to the winners using the address provided. Winners are Not required to pay for shipping. That will be fully covered by TechMagnet.